SG Team


SpectrumGamerET - Ethan J M Turner - ethanjmturner

Youtube Name: SpectrumGamer ET

Real Name: Ethan John Michael Turner

Born: Sept 9th 2012

Role: YouTuber!

Hobbies: Gaming, Playing, Climbing, Fitness, Goofing Off

Channel Link:


SGDad - Robert J Turner - robtinbc

Youtube Name: SGDad or S.G. Dad

Real Name: Robert J Turner

Role: Father, Web Site,  Social Media, Video / Game Recording & Editing, promoter

Hobbies: Gaming, Video Production, Stop Motion Video

Channel Link:


SGMum - Michelle C Turner - mushica

Youtube Name: SGMum or Thistles25

Real Name: Michelle C Turner

Role: Mother, motivator, ideas person

Hobbies: Gaming, Movies, Horror, Geeking out, Conventions, Toy Shows

Channel Link:

Has the most popular video of all of us thus far with a Laughing fit video with over 5000 views at the time of writing.