Hero Worship of Ethan of EGTV Fame

Not sure if this is an issue with people on the Autism Spectrum,  kids in general or just our Ethan (SpectrumGamerET) …

EthanGamerTV or EGTV
EthanGamerTV or EGTV

He loves watching youtube,  big sensory inputs,  colours,  he really likes playing and watching Roblox videos and so has gravitated to a youtuber with over a million and on his way to 2 million subscribers called EthanGamerTV or EGTV as shown to the right.

It got to the point that he wanted us to go visit him (He is in the UK).  Our Ethan has just began to sound out and write stuff,  its hard to read but you can sound it out and get the idea of what he is saying must of the time which is impressive for a 5 and a half year old boy.  So,  our Ethan wrote a letter to EthanGamer and he wanted to deliver it to him in person.  Asking to drive in out car to England from Canada and we had to explain the impossibilities of this.

Our Ethan, is referring to EthanGamer as his his friend,  we have tried to explain he is just someone you like on YouTube,  he does not know you personally either online or face to face so your relationship is that you are a Fan on his but that’s hard to grasp when your 5.   We,  as the parents may of compounded the issue by contacting EthanGamer via social media and getting replies and the address to send the letter,   mailing it off and getting responses back again on social media.    I think its going to be okay as he moves up into grade one and can learn more about the world around him but it can become a point of tension as he keeps asking to go see if “friend”.

Our Ethan has also began quoting EthanGamer,  even taking on some of his mannerisms into his own personality which I don’t mind EthanGamerTV is a very good role model for a young kid,  could be worse!!

I do question my decision to make a YouTube channel with Ethan called SpectrumGamer as he calls himself EthanGamer and I have to remind him that’s not your channel and am I carving out an identity for my Child when I should let him be himself….

May see the channel be more SGDad and if Ethan wants to be more involved as he grows that’s great but I can use the channel to discuss Autism,  my experiences with Ethan, his challenges and triumphs and help others both understand and thrive as either parents or people with Autism.

I believe I am un-diagnosed and want to press into how I was as a child with my mum more to help better understand where Ethan is but I see so many similar things.

I just want to add a personal message to EthanGamer ….

“Congratulations on your channel,  push on to the 2 Million subscribers,  I hope you understand that your behavior, abilities and charisma on screen have a great impact on others,  choose what you do and say wisely and the games you chose to play on your channel as it had a great effect on your fan base and keep up the good work.”

Update: EthanGamerTV, you are a rockstar!!  Thanks for sharing my Tweet!

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