Splinters in Toes

Ethan got a splinter in his toe from our cedar desk. He is more comfortable barefoot and I don’t have too much issue with it. But he was making mum jump for a gag and got a splinter.

There was a big hullabaloo on taking it out and he was not having much much confidence in getting it done and understandably as he had his booster shots today and that made him already shy of pain.

Didn’t get it out and he fell asleep with one foot hanging out of bed. I used some really As Seen on TV sticky tape and think I go it out as he slept but I wondered about other ways to get it out so I looked it up.

Some interesting suggestions….


Bath, no, already had bathing issues. Bacon Greece, none handy although he loves bacon. For such a small splinter I think a band aid and letting the body work it out is the best solution in the future. Might need to do that as I am not 100% sure I got it out.

What do you do?