Ethan’s Eating

Many kids on the Autism Spectrum have quirks when it comes to eating, food cant touch, even separate utensils for each thing. Some days more than others and Ethan is no different.

Changing to Grade 1 mean that at lunchtime there were new lunch monitors and give kids some responsibility and they can take it too far. Ethan came home with his lunch uneaten, it kept happening so we asked him about it and with a little persuasion he informed us that the Monitors were telling him parts of his lunch were not healthy and so he would not eat.

We read off the pack ingredients, the good ingredients, iron, calcium etc and explained to him that the monitor’s job is not to criticize your content on your lunchbox. He then starts staring off into the distance quietly and you could tell he was thinking it over. Then he said I want to tell the teacher what is happening. We praised him for coming to that realization and the next day he wanted to go into the office at school and speak to the head. When he was asked, “What is it, Ethan??” He said “Mum, Mum….”

Mum explained and the issue has been dealt with. We hope there is no repeat of this and we consider this a win for Ethan, taking control of the situation and problem-solving.

So Proud!

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