Stream Technology

Twitch Loyalty Points

People call me Rob Tin all the time so I decided to run with it and use StreamElements loyalty points. Our loyalty points are called Baked Beans hence the tin style.

In twitch chat use these commands:


!points See how many beans you have.
!items or !store to see the items and the store URL where you can spend beans using the redeem command, the Store URL is

!redeem {name} where name with no brackets is the store name item

Here is how you can earn beans:


Will receive 10 Baked Beans every 10 minutes.


All followers will receive 200 Baked Beans upon following.


All non anonymous tippers will receive 40 Baked Beans for every $1 tipped.


All hosts will receive 140 Baked Beans upon hosting.

Presently we have these in the store: